The Amputee 'Rollercoaster'

One of the greatest delights being an amputee is a new set of legs

One of the biggest frustrations of being an amputee is that same new set of legs.

After a pretty challenging time trekking in Nepal (April 2018) on set of sub optimal sockets that were just 6 months old (should of been at their best - maybe they were) it was time to get a new set with some new liner technology.

Long story short - after 2 very challenging, frustrating and painful weeks of trying every fix I can (and I know a lot of them) I've had to call it quits (only the second time in about 30+ sets of legs) and have had to modify a set of sockets from 2016 to get me through the next while - Limb Centre tomorrow and back to starting over most likely.

Live and learn, though to be fair the learning is somewhat slow and a touch repetitive - as we say in Nepal, 'bistarre, bistarre' - slowly slowly, not something I am good at!

Every set of sockets is a team effort, with the skilled prosthetists and myself, plus the somewhat restrained resources available here in NZ. My stumps aren't easy to fit - just as I am not the easiest client as I demand a lot from my stumps and know what is possible, what the bench mark is and always looking to do better than that.

Watch this space.

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