Springing into Spring

As winter fades into Spring it has been a busy time - companies feeling the 'spring in their step' and keen to empower and recognise their staff.

A quality control company challenged themselves to the 'Mountain Choice' program, 120 aspiring 'climbers', unfortunately not all 'survived' the program but everyone took on board the critical lessons learnt.

Last week I was privileged to orchestrate an evening celebrating engineering success, in the shadow of the Americas Cup no less.

This week, the first day of spring, is back to Auckland to remind a very successful team to not drop the baton, big successes (like Everest) enable bigger challenges, not just to be contemplated but nailed.

Next week, back to Auckland for a program then off to my second home, India, with programs including the EEMA Showcase in Delhi.

Roll on Spring and Summer, though I'm never adverse to a late snow storm or two, bring it on!

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