Training has started

Winter on the Fir Trail

When you travel as much as I do it is important to make the most of any opportunities to train when home here in the mountains, Hanmer Springs.

The next trek currently isn't until March 2018, 10 months away but training has started already.

The challenge of being both a double amputee and having short stumps (thanks to the technology of 1982, or lack of it anyway) is that training takes 2 or 3 times longer than a 'legged' version of myself - I'll need every bit of the coming 10 months, my clients will just need 3 months at the most.

The trails around Hanmer Springs are perfect for all weathers, on cold damp days like today you can train in the forest, on clear days you can get up high on our great mountains that surround us.

An integral part of my trekking, as important as my trekking legs are the Pacer Poles - the best walking pole system around, whether you have legs or not.

I have used them all over the world, including on Everest, absolutely unbeatable - they give me 15 - 20% more power uphill and allow me to descend with minimal stump damage, the only poles that allow me to do that all day long.

Check them out at

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